BUD-MASZ is the first Polish producer of gutters made of coated sheets.


We offer 4 different gutter systems, ie Scandinavia 125/87; Scandinavia 150/97 and two new systems NEPTUN 125/87 and BAJKAŁ 150/97, which are deep gutters, produced in accordance with the German DIN EN 612 standard.

All rainwater systems are manufactured on the machines of our production.


The BUD-MASZ gutter system is made of high-quality Finnish or French metal sheets, coated on both sides, available in various colors according to the RAL palette. The sheets are covered with zinc with a weight of 275 g / m2, protected with polyurethane with a thickness of 50 microns on each side, which ensures an aesthetic appearance, long life and resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage.

The BUD-MASZ gutter system is covered by a 10-year warranty, and the products are marked with the customer’s brand.

The unquestionable advantage of our guttering is the ease and speed of installation. We enable our clients to adjust the length of the gutter to the needs and dimensions of the building, which has a positive effect on the aesthetics of the finish, functionality and tightness of the entire system.

Available colors:

white ( RAL 9010)
brown ( RAL 8017)
dark brown (RAL 8019)

black ( RAL 9005)
brick red (RAL 8004)
cherry (RAL 3005)
claret (RAL 3009)

graphite (RAL 7024)
copper (RAL 1024)
dark green (RAL 6020)
aluzinc (AZ)


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