Profiling machines

BUD-MASZ is the first manufacturer of sheet metal profiling machines in Poland, operating all over the world.


We manufacture machines for profiling metal roof tiles, trapezoidal sheets, sinus, roof ridge tiles, machines for extruding roof flashings, c, z, u profiles, machines for profiling a complete gutter system, railings, hydraulic presses for extruding plaques according to a pattern and many, many others.

We specialize in machines for profiling metal roof tiles and trapezoidal sheets, which we have been creating for over 30 years.


Our offer includes a lot of various designs that we have been able to develop and produce over the years of work.

Our machines have a declaration of conformity and meet all machine standards applicable to this type of production, taking into account both European and global standards..


BUD-MASZ produces with passion – we provide machines that will be reliable, stable and work for many years.


We provide assembly of machines at the customer’s site, warranty and post-warranty service.

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